Listener Reviews

“Amazing trio of professionally classically trained musicians from the former Soviet Union. Refined training, taste and mastery of instruments are tangible and very enjoyable. Every performance is a special treat. Highly recommended for parties and receptions of different levels.”  

Elena Volfson, MD, MPH, Psychiatrist in private practice and at Mayo Clinic AZ

“ These three gorgeous ladies are FABULOUS! They totally liven up any event and take their audiences into different worlds. I’ve seen these ladies play to packed houses of cheering audiences. The Trio will knock your socks off!” 

Kevin Huang, professional musician and performer Phoenix Arizona

“ The AZ Three is a phenomenal trio of musicians. Each lady is an extremely talented musician in her own right. Together they produce a musical synergy that is pure magic. The ladies produce a sound that is elegant as well as evocative in its excellence. Their music is extraordinary in that it never fails to lift the spirits of the listener.”

Don Boyd, teacher Phoenix Arizona

“AZ THREE is a bright constellation of charming, brilliant female performers of magnificent music of different genres and composers, who are highly-educated, professionally-trained, with a huge musical talent. Each of your live or online performances is a  real celebration of music, warmth, light and  kindness. Your entire concerts are always impressive and enjoyable. Thank you so much, AZ THREE, for the pleasure, wonderful concerts and a delightful atmosphere. Thank you for helping us to keep faith in people, love and miracles in our difficult times! I am sure that every person who listened to your music or attended your recitals will be looking forward to AZ THREE next performance. Thank you so much for the soulful music and great performances. Well done!”

Yefim Toybin, teacher Phoenix Arizona

“ Most inspiring Arizona music group. The trio is super professional and creative. Their music is so soulful, melodic, and emotional and delivers a real experience of depth to any special moment. I will continue to hire them for all my creative events.”

Mila Strugatsky, Arizona Artist and the founder of BAHaus Art Center

“Behind this musical band, there are open hearts, inspired souls, and relentless professionalism –  what a perfect recipe for success! I love AZTHREE. Great selection of music, from classical to folk, from contemporary to jazz…  You will never get enough of them!”

Julia Ruditser, MD Phoenix, AZ

“ Lovely ladies!  Thank you very much for the musical melodies) my sister studied at the conservatory and I grew up on “live sound”, very much reminds me of my childhood ❤️❤️Thank you!  Make more videos !!”

Hannah Saakova, RN New York

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